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Today, with the ever so growing globalization, we travel to experience the rich culture that the world has to offer, and with the diversity in cuisines that we taste around the world, even when we have traveled back to our home, our palate craves for the food that we once ate.

With the thought, “Change is the only Constant”, came the idea to revamp Hops n Taters in a fashion that we could share with you Scrumptious Food prepared by our Happy HnT Family, which can make for Happy Tummies and Vibrant People.

We pride ourselves in presenting to you the new, redefined Hops n Taters, which pays a humble homage to a living mosaic of cuisines from German to Mexican and Lebanese to Pan Asian, meanwhile staying close to its roots in India, offering seasonal produce, and food for your soul.

Craving for the love of the Pink City…

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